Our ASI Alliance partner, Henkel, awarded Math Corps one of 10 global Citizenship awards this week for its long-term impact and mission in Detroit. The award includes a one-time donation from Henkel directly to Math Corps to continue to grow in new communities and impact more students in areas where it can have the most impact on behalf of the ASI-Henkel Alliance.

Diversified Chemical Technologies, Inc. (DCT) a corporate sponsor for and is actively involved with the Wayne State University Math Corps Program. Math Corps is a tuition-free academic enrichment and mentoring program that brings middle and high school students together, with college students and mathematicians to share in the teaching and learning of mathematics in a university setting. It is based on the idea of creating a self-perpetuating “corps,” where students matriculate through the program and return as mentors and tutors, passing their knowledge and values on to younger students, who in turn do the same.

Math Corps History

Started in 1992 at Wayne State University, Math Corps is a nationally recognized mathematics enrichment and mentoring program for middle school students.

We educate students through group learning, exploration, and discovery in a culture of high standards and expectations. Middle and high school students come together with college students to learn mathematics from each other and interact with professional mathematicians in a university setting. Through strong mentoring relationships, this corps of students passes their knowledge and the values of kindness, integrity, and courage on to younger students who in turn do the same.

At its core, the Math Corps is about loving kids – always putting kids first and wanting all good things for them, now and in the future – and believing in kids; holding to the unwavering belief that all children have a unique and special greatness within them and that, through hard work and the support of a caring family or community, that greatness can be realized.