Product Description

UNIWASH CH-12 is a concentrated mild alkaline, non-phosphated, non-corrosive floor & multipurpose liquid cleaner designed to be used on soiled greasy floors, including high traffic production floors, walls, manufacturing equipment, etc. The product designed to be used either in automatic scrubbing machines or hand mopping applications.


  • Environmentally friendly. Low VOC.
  • Excellent oil and grease emulsification properties.
  • Moderate foaming characteristics.
  • Good hard water tolerance.
  • The product is not a subject to SARA title III, section 313

Recommended Concentrations

UNIWASH CH-12 can be diluted with RO or tap water. For better performance on heavy soils the hot water is recommended.

The dilutions of 2 to 5 % wt are recommended for normal cleaning operations. For heavy-duty cleaning the concentrations up to 10 % may be recommended.

Product Documents