Product Description

Unicut 520 is a heavy duty, straight oil cutting lubricant containing a balanced blend of boundary lubricant, extreme pressure agents, ester, anti-oxidant, and corrosion preventive providing the needed anti-weld, and extreme pressure characteristics for heavy duty machining and thread cutting operations where tight tolerance, high temperature, and extreme pressure performance are needed.

Unicut 520 has excellent post-production storage protection.

Unicut 520 does not contain heavy metal compounds, has a high flash point and low odor for ease
of use and disposal.

Metals and Applications

Unicut 520 is a versatile performer recommended for heavy duty cutting and other operations. The EP additives in Unicut 520 promote tool life and reduce chip welding.

Unicut 520 may be used on a variety of metals including aluminum, cast iron, steel, carbon steels, HSLA and high-speed steels


Unicut 520 is recommended to be used full strength. It can be diluted with mineral oil for lighter duty operations.

Unicut 520 can be applied by spraying, dipping, roll-coating, and brushing on and other methods.

Unicut 520 can be cleaned with either an organic solvent cleaner or a traditional alkaline cleaner.

Storage and Use Conditions

Unicut 520 has a shelf life of six months under original seal.

Product Documents