Product Description

Unicool 530 is a petroleum-based soluble oil designed for use where economy, lubricity, biostability, freedom from odors, low foam and ease of concentration control is critical. Unicool 530 contains boundary and EP lubricity additives for moderate duty machining operations. The rust inhibitor package is effective in preventing corrosion or stain on aluminum and steel parts. Unicool 530 leaves a mild oil residue on machines and tool components that can be cleaned easily with a solvent or mild alkaline cleaner.

Due to its petroleum nature, Unicool 530 is fully compatible with equipment seals.

Features and Benefits

  • Very good hard water stability
  • Contains unique, high molecular weight lubricity agents for aluminum and steel
  • Does not stain aluminum or yellow metals
  • Does not contain chlorine or active sulfur
  • Contains a very good bio-stability package

Recommended Use

Unicool 530 can be used readily to machine ferrous and non-ferrous materials including cast iron, carbon steels, copper, and aluminum alloy substrates. Unicool 530 also can be used for drilling, milling, turning, tapping and broaching on the above substrates.

Product Documents