Product Description

Unicool 388 is an economical synthetic metalworking fluid designed specifically for use in ferrous metal roll forming operations where low foam, corrosion protection, ease of concentration control, and excellent biostability are critical. Unicool 388 rejects tramp oil for removal by rope skimmers or other methods. Operator acceptance is extremely high due to its mild nature and clean operating characteristics. Unicool 388 contains non-ferrous corrosion inhibitors to prevent stains during storage on aluminum alloys or yellow metals.


  • Excellent emulsion stability
  • Does not contain sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, nitrites or phenols
  • Excellent biostability
  • Advanced corrosion protection
  • Controls foam and air entrainment
  • Increased sump life

Metals and Applications

Unicool 388 is recommended for light to medium duty roll forming of ferrous metals and alloys. Higher concentrations may also be used for one-of-a-kind jobs within the plant.

Recommendation and Concentrations

Unicool 388 can be diluted with RO, demineralized or tap water. Softened water should be avoided due to possible high chlorides. Your DCT representative can arrange laboratory water testing. Product concentration is easily controlled by refractometer. Product pH and bio-control are typically maintained by product makeup without the addition of additives. Typical starting point concentrations are 5 – 8%. In use dilutions should be made using demineralized water (for example: DI or RO water).

Product Documents