Product Description

Unicool 322 is a medium to heavy-duty synthetic metalworking fluid containing a combination of lubricity and EP additives for use in a variety of machining operations. Unicool 322 has efficient bacteria and fungi control, which leads to the prevention of slime formation and odor. Unicool 322 is easily dilutable in water and does not contain sulfur, chlorine, nitrites, phenols, triazine, or secondary amines.

Physical Characteristics

  • Extremely effective in severe tapping operations
  • Low to no foam characteristics
  • Excellent parts and machine rust protection
  • Does not affect yellow metals
  • Does not stain aluminum
  • Contains unique lubricity agents designed for high performance on steel and aluminum
  • Good rejecting tramp oil properties

Recommended Use and Concentrations

Unicool 322 can be diluted with RO or tap water. If desired, your DCT representative can arrange laboratory water testing. Makeup for evaporation may be best accomplished with DI or RO water to prevent hard water buildups. Unicool 322 can be used in many operations throughout the shop; just vary the dilution from 5 to 15% or higher to suit the job requirements. Product concentration is easily controlled by refractometer. Product pH and bio-control are typically maintained by product makeup without the addition of additives.

Product Documents