Product Description

PROWASH 72 is a highly concentrated mild alkaline water-based low foaming liquid compound designed for use in cleaning of steel parts in both immersion and spray washers. The product is DEA, nitrites, silicates, and boron free.

PROWASH 72 is highly effective in removing of variety of oils, including quench oils as well as coolants, machining fluids, and light oils from steel surfaces. It can be recommended for use in washers prior or after heat treatment.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides medium term rust protection
  • Does not live hard or sticky residue on washed parts.
  • Provides excellent detergency, low emulsification and good oil rejecting leading to extended life of working solutions
  • Effective bacteria and fungi resistance of working solutions
  • Good hard water tolerance
  • Is not subject to SARA title III, section 313.

Recommended Concentrations

PROWASH 72 can be diluted with RO or tap water. The specifically developed titration procedure and kit are recommended and will be supplied for concentration determination.

Concentrations of 1 to 5 % in water are sufficient for normal cleaning application. The temperature of solution of 80 – 170 F can be considered as optimal for normal operation.

Product Documents