Product Description

PROWASH 387-GMA is a highly concentrated mild alkaline, non-foaming, non-corrosive liquid cleaning compound with excellent rust protection properties developed for use in spray washers at a wide range of temperatures (from ambient to 150 F) for aluminum and steel parts.


  • Provides effective removal of metalworking fluids and its residuals off aluminum and steel surfaces.
  • Does not affect (corrode) aluminum parts.
  • Provides medium term indoor rust protection on ferrous substrates.
  • Effective protection against bacteria and fungi.
  • Does not contain borates, phosphates, chlorine, nitrites, not subject to SARA title III, section 313.
  • Long term storage stability, prolonged life of working solution in a washer tank.

Recommended Concentrations

PROWASH 387-GMA can be diluted with RO or tap water.

The proper choice of working concentrations for aluminum parts depends on pressure, temperature, duration and type of soil to be removed. Usage of 1 to 3 % dilution is sufficient for this type of application.

The recommended concentrations for steel parts cleaning operation is in the range of 3 – 5 %. However, if prolonged rust protection is required the concentrations range can be extended up to 10 %.

Product Documents