Product Description

PROWASH 125-Q is a highly concentrated mild alkaline, non-foaming, liquid blend of corrosion inhibitors designed for protection of cast iron and other ferrous metal substrates. Product will provide moderate cleaning of lightly soiled parts surfaces as well.


  • Provides effective removal of light metalworking fluids and its residuals off steel surfaces.
  • Provides effective long term rust protection on ferrous substrates.
  • Effective protection against bacteria.
  • High hard water tolerance.
  • Does not contain phosphates, chlorine, nitrites, not subject to SARA title III, section 313.
  • Long term storage stability, prolonged life of working solution in a washer tank.

Recommended Concentrations

PROWASH 125-Q can be diluted with RO or tap water.

The proper choice of working concentrations highly depends on indoor or outdoor storage conditions of treated parts, storage temperature and humidity.

The recommended concentrations may vary from 5 – 10 % dilutions for short term indoor low humidity storage up to 15 – 20 % dilutions for long term high humidity storage.

Product Documents