CitiFresh Drain Maintainer

Product Description

CitriFresh Drain Maintainer is a white emulsion providing powerful solvency to penetrate clogged drains with organic soils developed during traditional meat processing procedures, drain holes while providing effective smell elimination.

Product Attributes

  • Contains Natural Ingredients – Ready-to-Use
  • Non-Corrosive Drain Renovator and Deodorant
  • Keeps Drain Holes while Eliminating Odor
  • Fresh citrus smell

Physical Characteristics

  • Appearance: White emulsion
  • Odor: Citrus
  • pH range: 12.8 – 13.2
  • Bottle Size: One Gallon
  • Package Size: 4 per case
  • Part #: DCT030190

Recommended Directions for Use

  1. Shake container well before use
  2. Dispense about 8 oz of CitriFresh Drain Maintainer into measuring cup of present bottle
  3. Pour the measured volume into the drain hole
  4. Allow to soak overnight
  5. Rinse through with hot water

Product Documents