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Product Description

Automatic Dishwasher Detergent is a highly concentrated, low foaming dishwasher detergent for use in automatic dishwashing machines. The product is effective in removing food soils on a variety of surfaces such as plastic, glass, stainless steel and china. At suggested concentrations, the product will not damage aluminum dish surfaces.

Product Attributes

  • Highly concentrated - Non-foaming
  • Effective removal of food soils
  • For use on plastic, glass, stainless steel and silverware
  • No-rinse aide required

Physical Characteristics

  • Appearance: Clear, Yellow Liquid
  • Odor: Mild Fragrance
  • pH range: 12.0 - 12.5
  • Bottle Size: 32 oz
  • Package Size: 6 per case
  • Part #: DCT030200

Recommended Directions for Use

  • Use dilutions vary from 1 to 4 oz per gallon depending on level of water
  • Use of warm (120F - 160F) water for Automatic Dishwasher Detergent
    dilutions is recommended
  • Follow Manufacturer recommended directions for use

Product Documents