Aluminum Tray and Pan Soaker

Product Description

Aluminum Tray & Pan Soaker is a highly concentrated cleaning compound designed to be used in food service industry to remove heavily encrusted grease and carbon from aluminum baking trays, pans, etc. The product is highly effective in dissolving greasy build-ups and does not require elevated temperatures.

Product Attributes

  • Contains powerful, penetrating and liquefying agents
  • Safe for overnight applications
  • Removes heavily encrusted and carbonized grease
  • Effective for heavy build-ups using only a light non-abrasive pad

Physical Characteristics

  • Appearance: Clear, Yellow Liquid
  • Odor: Light Fragrance
  • pH range: 12.5 – 12.8
  • pH diluted: 9 – 10
  • Bottle Size: One Gallon
  • Package Size: 3 Gallons/Case
  • Part #: DCT030170

Recommended Directions for Use

  1. Fill tank/sink with desired amount of water. Carefully add Aluminum Tray & Pan Soaker concentrate to water at a ratio of one to ten, avoiding splashes.
  2. At store closing, place objects that need cleaning into Aluminum Tray & Pan Soaker solution. Be sure that all items are covered with the solution and let objects soak overnight.
  3. At store opening, drain sink and remove items from sink . Wash, scrub, rinse and sanitize in the 3-component sink and then allow to air dry.

Product Documents